Welcome, and thank you for considering us for your assisted living needs! 

In 2002, we built a dream from the ground up, literally. Our first location - Meadowlark Assisted Living - was specifically designed, customized, and built here at The Ponds at Overland Trail so as to perfectly accommodate those that we hoped to serve through quality assisted living care. Eleven years and a second location later, we're daily honored and humbled to watch that passion come into vibrant fruition.

With two home locations in Fort Collins' Meadowlark and Terry Lake communities, it is our joy to invite you and yours into that dream, where we strive to enhance the quality of your loved ones' lives in home-style settings, with the love and respect they deserve.


Our Mission

We believe in the preservation of dignity, self-respect and each of our residents' right to be in a loving, caring, and safe environment. We believe in a resident-centered approach to care for the total health needs of the individual.  We strive to offer physical, intellectual and emotional support to each resident. We strive to enhance each of our "family members'" quality of life with the love and respect they deserve. 


Health Is More Than Fruits & Veggies

True wellness is the combination of our physical, mental and spiritual well-being, and we labor to serve in these ways, lovingly and holistically. 

  • Social Wellness: Our residents enjoy a family-style setting where interaction is frequent and conversation is encouraged. Whether it be at the dinner table enjoying our home-cooked meals, on the patios where breathtaking views of the Colorado landscape lie just beyond, or in our living areas, cozied around the fire, Meadowlark & Terry Lake are communities to thrive in.
  • Emotional Wellness: In a perfect world, family cares for family, and we do our best to aim at perfection. Our carefully-chosen, loving and attentive staff is available 'round-the-clock to simply be there for each resident. 
  • Spiritual Wellness: Peace and harmony are harder and harder to come by in a world as cluttered as ours, but come and see for yourself whether our homes provide just the right combination of social and solitude to facilitate spiritual vitality. 
  • Environmental Wellness: Perhaps it is our planted gardens? Maybe our cozy, nonsmoking, air conditioned residences? It might be the tranquility of our upstairs patio overlooking the scenery at Meadowlark, or the way autumn's leaves fall into the pond meticulously landscaped at Terry Lake. Whatever the case, we've worked hard to create a beautiful home for you and your loved ones. 
  • Intellectual Wellness: Rene Descartes, a French philosopher, famously coined the term cogito ergo sum - "I think, therefore I am." Well, whether or not you agree with the man, our regular activities, conversation, reading and group fun promise enough mental stimulation to get you thinking about it!
  • Occupational & Physical Wellness: It feels good to be active, and we've got all kinds of activities and excursions at your disposal. On the flip side, when you're ready, you can take comfort in putting your feet up and letting us do the heavy lifting! We know that life is more than food, and the body more than clothing, but while we're able, we at Meadowlark and Terry Lake want to help and serve as good stewards of what we've got, with regular meals, healthy habits, balanced diets, exercise, and, well… probably a little bit of chocolate!


Give us a call and set an appointment to see our home, and meet our family!