Welcome Home

We're glad that your road has brought you here.

At Meadowlark and Terry Lake Assisted Living, we believe in family, and it is our heartfelt desire to invite you and yours to be a part of ours. Our assisted living residences feature comfortable settings for individuals looking for an alternative to large-scale, institutional assisted living. We're a home, not just a house. We offer an opportunity for seniors to become part of our family in a loving and caring environment.  

It is a place to live in community, socialize with others, and enjoy stimulating activities designed to promote independence and personal growth. We encourage interaction and labor to provide the best atmosphere for caring for your loved ones' physical, intellectual and emotional needs. 

It is a place to talk with one another, or simply sit together. It is a place to laugh and joke with one another, (and inevitably, probably cry and bicker a little bit, too). It's a place to love and be loved.

In short, it's home, and you're invited